Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Journey Travelled

It's always an adventure writing a new book

St James's Palace
I began writing my latest book on 24th August last year, wrote 896 words then waited a fortnight to continue. Why, you might ask? Was I on holiday? Incapacitated in any way? Neither of those, nor any other impediment. I had changed genre and needed those two weeks to ‘bed in’. Could I write in the Regency language I so love to read? It was certainly a change from my usual contemporary romantic fiction. By 7th September I was burning to continue and after an amazing five months – almost to the day – I completed the first draft, and what a journey it was.

Of necessity a historical novel requires a considerable amount of research, far more than I have previously needed when writing in a time period I inhabit and am familiar with. Armed with Google and a wonderful guide to Regency London, I walked the streets virtually and in reality. What an amazing experience that was. Far more distracting than social media and I kind of got lost in what I was doing. I shared some of my experiences with you on this blog here.

Blue Ball Yard
A mews where stables from the 18th century
survive to this day
So, how was the journey and did the goal achieve my expectations? The journey was great. Compelling to the extent that I almost lost touch with my other (what some would call normal) life. Were expectations realised? I can only say I have never enjoyed writing anything as much before and I made myself cry at the end. I’ve been through the manuscript so many times with a fine tooth comb. No longer can I procrastinate. This week I have sent my ‘baby’ to my agent, Lisa Eveleigh, founder of the Richford Becklow Literary Agency. Would that she will like it. I hope so.