Wednesday, 11 July 2018



That would be ante as in before not anti as in against. Or even ante as in bet, though I’m willing to bet there will be many blog posts post-Conference. Sorry – ante, anti and ante. Posts and post. Isn’t English a wonderful language?

I sat down to work this morning but found instead that, with the excitement mounting, there was no way I could concentrate. There were several things on my mind so I thought I’d jot a few of them down here.

Messy but I'm hoping it's all there
Have I packed enough/the right clothes? Not actually packed but on the bed waiting.

Will the travel plans work out now that arrangements have been made to avoid the London Tube strike? With pre-booked tickets from Kings Cross it would be a disaster to miss the designated train.

How much I’m looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.

The wonderful Jan Jones
Will I be able to attend all the sessions that have been arranged for us without collapsing in an exhausted heap? The answer of course is no. I’ll definitely collapse in an exhausted heap, but with so much skill and knowledge made available to us I shall try very hard keep up.

Thanks as ever to Jan Jones for her behind the scenes work. This morning Jan has posted that there is an excellent range of gins. So good of her to do the research for us.

There are others of course who also worked so diligently to make the Conference seem like a well-oiled machine. Sheila Crighton who was instrumental in arranging the attendance of the Industry Professionals. Session organisers. I don't have names but I thank them sincerely.

Sterling work again this year from Elaine Everest acting as liaison between conference delegates and Industry Professionals. I never fail to get worked up over the one2ones but hey, a little dose of adrenalin is a good thing, isn’t it? I have always found the feedback we get absolutely invaluable. How lucky are we to have the opportunity to discuss our work with the professionals in such an informal and relaxed manner. Did I say relaxed?

It would be remiss of me not to mention the parties. RNA members certainly know how to party. We get a lot of practice. There’s also the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening. An excuse to dress up and have another party. Who needs an excuse?
Not a conference photo but, with the much loved and
missed Roger Sanderson, synonymous with the
Annual Conference, I just had to include this one

What more can I say? This has been by way of a stream of consciousness. Throughout the year I attend as many writing events as I can and as my purse will allow but the RNA Annual Conference is the one that takes precedence over all the rest. I know I will enjoy it. I always do. But above all I will come away with considerably more knowledge than when I arrived, I will have met new people, and I will carry a huge amount of enthusiasm and an eagerness to get back to work. Oh, and probably a few extra pounds in weight as well. See you there.