Monday, 1 June 2015

Natalie Kleinman in Recovery Mode

I’m still in recovery mode. Last week’s Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) Summer Party was even more special than I could have anticipated and I hope it will remain in my memory forever.

Though it was the subject of this blog last week, in particular with reference to the Joan Hessayon Award, I cannot continue without mentioning it again as it was only the beginning of yet another amazing week. And I’m posting a picture of the group of finalists again…because I like it and because I can.

Joan Hessayon Award Finalists

So what followed this amazing event?

Firstly, my missive to Writers’ Forum, written prior to the party, appeared as the lead letter on the Writers’ Circle page. And for anyone who’s read it, no, I didn’t spill wine down the front of my dress. Cue another picture (left).

On Wednesday of this week I picked up a copy of The People’s Friend containing my short story, Secrets in the Attic. It’s almost a year since this story was sold and notification of the publication date in an email a couple of weeks ago took me by surprise because, frankly, I had forgotten about it. It was the last short story I sold (or submitted) as I had by then moved full time to writing novels. It raised a question though. The thrill of buying a magazine with one of my stories in it hasn’t diminished. To know that it will be giving pleasure, even in the short time it takes to read, is actually quite humbling. So here’s another picture.

Will I go back to them? Unlikely. I am completely committed to writing novels and, much as I enjoyed my previous work, I cannot do justice to both. With the end of the week approaching I, and approximately 250 other delegates, received the pack for the RNA Conference which will take place in London in July. A huge amount of work goes into preparing for the Conference and, without diminishing the work that others do, all credit must be given to Jan Jones for the organisation that goes on before the envelopes drop on our doorsteps. 

I have begun to study the contents and will do so many more times before attending what to me is the most valuable writing event in the calendar. There's a lot to take in. In case you don't believe me, here's another picture.

Food and wine are also involved. I look forward to seeing some of you there.


  1. I am looking at my programme now - all very exciting. As I move forward with my novel, I am wondering whether my writing career will take a new turn. As a regular writer for magazines, I can't imagine stopping but if I had a book deal - who knows?

    1. It's an exciting world we live in, Wendy. Though not as prolific as you, I was doing quite nicely with my short stories but for me novel writing has taken over completely now. I wish you success for that book deal

  2. I'm late but as you're going to remember forever you won't be able to say 'what's she talking about?' The nice thing about friendship is one can bask in the friend's triumph and I'm taking full advantage. x Moya

    1. Delightful, Moya, and of course it brings the excitement right to the fore again. Thank you