Friday, 16 October 2015

Popping in to say 'Hello'

It’s almost three weeks since I last posted here but I promise you I have a very good reason.

When I first began this blog I vowed that I wouldn’t litter it with inconsequentials. It started as, and has ever since been, devoted to writing. The problem is, I have a gremlin sitting on my shoulder, otherwise known as my conscience. I appreciate that those of you who follow me will not be looking at their calendars and deriding me for laziness. And it would be a gross injustice to say I have been idle all this time. However, a good deal of that time has been devoted to a project that is as far from writing as it possibly could be – hence my absence. As this situation is likely to continue for another two weeks I’m sort of reporting in.

Setting the scene with a picture of Fortnum & Mason - established 1707

Following my visit to St James’s Square a few weeks ago (see last post) I boarded the Jubilee Line to Green Park Station, this time to visit Berkeley Square. I have a fancy it is where my hero will live, though that might change. My heroine meantime is firmly ensconced across Piccadilly in St James’s. While the London plane trees looked magnificent, I didn’t have the same feeling of history as on my previous visit to its neighbour. This might possibly be due to the fact that there are several modern buildings which for me detracted from the atmosphere. I admit to a little frisson of excitement when I saw Bill Nighy sitting on a bench in the sunshine when I rose from my own a little way along. It would have been rude to disturb him and his companion so I’m afraid I have no photographic evidence and you will just have to take my word for it. 

Did my duke live here?
Or perhaps he lived in this
rather beautiful building
Charlotte, my heroine and working title, is coming along nicely. Those precious times not taken up with the project mentioned above have been as ever devoted to her and I have written 6,682 words in thirteen days. On the face of it not a great output but, other things taken into consideration, I am more than satisfied.

The inspiration I am getting from my ‘outings’, various very nicely timed TV documentaries and other research areas is filling me with a thrill I have never quite experienced before, though I have always enjoyed my writing. Back soon.


  1. Time out for research is always worthwhile, Natalie.

    Plus those of us living too far away to visit the places shown, get the opportunity to imagine. Thank you. :-)

    1. You've given me permission to venture forth again, Carol. I'm reading another old favourite at the moment,The Grand Sophy, but the feeling of being there brings an added dimension. I am so lucky that Regency London is so accessible.