Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Write Place at The Right Place

Earlier this week I joined several other writers on our annual Christmas outing. We went out for a meal. Well, of course we did. It’s what people do at this time of year. Without hesitation we entered our chosen venue. After all, though we weren’t specifically categorised on the plaque in the entrance, neither were we excluded.

While our weekly sessions at The Write Place (Creative Writing School, Dartford) are not always formal they are definitely structured. There was no formality on Monday evening, just a unanimous will to have a good meal with a beverage or two. There was some slight apprehension when we felt our reputation had preceded us and it gave a new meaning to the expression ‘drinks behind the bar’.

This is a particularly enjoyable event as it gives us all the opportunity of learning more about each
other away from our writing lives. It’s easy to assume that, because it’s what we see, that’s all there is but of course the reality is that people do have another existence. What an interesting group of people I see every week, all dedicated to their writing and how lovely to hear about family, (other) work, aims and aspirations.

Our venue was The Horse & Groom in Wilmington and you can see from this image that we all looked suitably well fed. A great choice by Elaine Everest. She certainly picked the right place for The Write Place.

This will be my last post in December so I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year. See you in 2016.



  1. A great Christmas and a happy new year to you Natalie

  2. A great Christmas and a happy new year to you Natalie

    1. Thank you so much, Carol, and my best wishes to you too. Here's hoping for a good 2016

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas, Natalie, and a successful 2016.